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Hospital Visits Without Health Insurance

Rarely do people plan on going to the hospital. If you're having a child, or going in for a routing procedure, then clearly your visit is intentional. However, most people end up being taken to the hospital due to circumstances beyond their control. It's safe to say, that at some point in most people's lives, they will end up requiring medical attention for something, and as a result, they will end up in the hospital. For people in the USA, this signle visit can have a dramatic impact on your livelihood from that point forward.

If you're one of the several million uninsured people in the USA, be prepared to have your life weighed against company profits. True, hospitals are required to treat everyone regardless of their economic status, but the level of treatment varies greatly. Hospitals are required to stabalize you, nothing more. So if you're in critical condition, they will (hopefully) do their best to get you stable, but once they do, you're on your own.

You see, if the hospital knows you cannot pay, their going to do everything they can to get you out of there as soon as possible. While there, you're a drain on their resources, and subtracting from the bottom line. You cease being a person that needs to be cared for, and start being an object that takes away from their quarterly profits. The healthcare industry in the USA is FOR PROFIT, which means if they're not making money off you, you're not wanted.

The practice of weighing human life against quarterly earnings is one that ought to be illegal, from a humanitarian point of view. The entire healthcare system has a funcamental conflict of interests at its very core. Corporations and Insurance agencies profit by NOT providing care. Their main goal of providing a positive return to stockholders, runs 100% opposite to the goal of their customers. Every time a customer uses health insurance to pay for treatment, that hurts the company, and the stockholders. The entire business model is geared so everytime a person uses the insurance they pay for, it's a negative to the company.

Having your healthcare provided by and entitiy that does NOT want to provide it is compeltely unfair to the customer. Most businesses operate under the assumption that the customer is #1. Well not the health insurers. To them the customer is #1 when collecting premiums, but when it comes time for the customer to use the actualy product, dont expect the provider to be too happy. They will scream, moan, and do whatever it takes to minimize your usage of the product you paid for.

Just look at some of the behavior we've seen from these monsters in the past. Promoting doctors who deny expensive treatments to patients. Giving large bonuses to the doctors who made them the most money. You realize by making the insurers money, it means you didnt provide care to patients. God forbid you're a doctor who actually spends money on patients, and runs tests, performs surgeries, and fixes people. If you're a doctor like that, the insurers want nothing to do with you, as you force them to operate in the red.

Simply put, the system is 100% broken. So how does it continue to exist with such a fundamental conflict of interest at it's core? Well here's where the money comes in. These insurers make so much money, that they can buy their way through Washington DC with lobbysits and Political Action Committees. No politicain in their right mind would deny a few million dollars from an insurer, all that's required is attaching a ryder to the next bill that makes it easier to deny treatment for experimental conditions.

Insurance agencies are often blamed for all the troubles in the healthcare industry, and true they are responsible for the vast majority of them. Hospitals however, are also for profit entities, and they too operate with the same conflict of interest, life versus profit. If you're in the hospital with no insurance, and they know you have no means to pay, you will be the last resort. You'll be lucky if they keep you alive.

If you do manage to get out of there, and move one with your life, just wait until you get the bill. A few recent examples might help you understand why this will affect you the rest of your life. Stomach cramps that require a 1 night hospital stay, no surgery, just a colonoscopy, antibiotics, and the opinions of a few doctors. Guess what the total was, $35,000. How about an infected hip replacement that has to be removed? 2 weeks in the hospital, a surgery, and recovery meds. Total cost, $275k for the hospital visit, and $4k per WEEK for the ingoing medications. Appendicitis? Be prepared to shell out at least $25k to get it taken out.

You can see how going into a hospital without health insurance can ultiamtely affect the rest of your life. These amounts cannot possibly be paid by anyone with a middle-class job. Forget the point that most people who dont have insurance can't afford it anyways. So when hit with a bill like this, the choices are declare bankrupty, or sell your home. That's assuming you even own a home with equity in it, which is a rare case these days.

So what can be done to fix this problem? Well, for starters these insurance companies should cease to exist. Their sole purpose of profiting off your life is disgusting and inhumane, and really has no place in this world. Make for profit health insurance illegal, and eliminate these monsters immediately.

Next you look to other countries where a visit to the hospital happens without going broke. Canada, France, England, Spain, Cuba. They all have hospitals, surgeons, medication, but people there dont get dealt a lifelong debt sentence from a single visit. Why? Because the governments of these countries make it a priority to ensure the health and well being of all their citizens.

You'd think that the USA could do the same. It certainly spends a lot of time, effort, and money killing people in other countries. The least it could do is take care of it's own first. Any person or government that supports spending a single cent on killing people in other countries, before taking care of citizens in it's own is simply evil, and has a well deserved place in hell.

Hopfully after reading this you see the inherent conflict that exists in the healthcare industry. Perhaps one day things will change, although we'll need politicians who arent susceptible to money, which is an entirely seperate problem...

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